Signals loss with rise of core body temperature

Missed Signals

Thermokinetic study

The "THERMOMAN" study conducted by the Swiss national research institute Empa - Materials Science and Technology in St. Gallen confirmed the effectiveness of REPOWER. The parts of the body protected by the high tech material showed a lower temperature rise than those not protected by the new high tech fleece. See Empa Research Report No. 204,959 of 2.2.2006

An in-vitro thermokinetic study conducted in a laboratory setting on the high tech material at an environmental temperature of 24°C showed a 6°C temperature reduction to 18°C. At an ambient temperature of 30°C, the temperature of the material was a cool 16°C and was maintained for over 40 hours.

Thermoman is a registered trademark of E.I Dupont De Nemours and Company

Rise in accident figures with thermal stress

A study by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (source: dpa) revealed that the risk of car accidents rises by a third at elevated temperatures. Heat also causes a drop in concentration. Driving errors increase already by 20% at an ambient temperature of 30°C.